Hey! My name is Valerie. I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I studied Business Management at Prasetiya Mulya Business School, BSD. Due to my university place, I must live in BSD City, Tangerang, because it’s hard to drive everyday in the crowdest city in Indonesia. In 2014, I finished my school and come back to Jakarta.

When I was little I wanted to become a teacher. As I got a little older perhaps design is my area. In the end, I choose business for my major. I easily got bored with something. I started to play a piano (for 8 years). Once, I am a cosplayer (for 1 years). Then try a modelling (for 1 years) and a coverdance (for 5 years). I also try to become an active student with OSIS in Design Section (senior high) and Student Board in Art Section (university). The last thing I tried before this blog was made is join an AIESEC and had an internship. After it finished, I started to seek a new things. Maybe it’s time for make a blog for my daily outfit.

Deep inside, I really interest in fashion. I just realize when my friends told me that my sense of fashion is weird (or different) among the others. Maybe it happens because I really enjoy to see fashion in J-Pop & K-pop things. Like I said before, I tried to be a cosplayer once because I have interest to make a costume myself. In the end, it’s just end because it cost a lot of money. Then I move to coverdance, still I interest to make a costume and I also try to dance. So now I automatically just mix and match and Ta-da! The Japan & Korean fashion is mixed.

I started to think, where can I express my love to fashion. Actually I think to make a blog like 5 years ago, when I do a modelling. But I really have a big circumstance and still busy with my things (dancing and also study hahaha I am a good student lol). I started to do Instagram, but it’s not enough.

About the meaning of this blog, HIDEMYIDENTITIE. It is about my feelings. Sometimes I am afraid to express my real feelings, real activities, anything the realest. Just because some selfish thought: I want all people accept me normaly. In the end, I just silent, do what I want, but I become tired because I hide it. It’s not like I don’t like people know what I'm doing. It’s just my personality, I don’t want people bother my things, or criticism it. After I get enough confidence, (finally) I made this blog. So with this blog, I will (try) to express my things, my interest, my feelings, all of things in fashion.

I owned a castle at Iconic Kemang, Rooftop La Codefin Jakarta Selatan. It called Wondaland. I would really love you if you give some support to my blood here

So, enjoy this blog.

Valerie Samantha

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