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I have soooooo many stories to tell you guys. How long this stories end? I can't say I was busy with my life anymore because I always do. I'm writing 3 blog post and will divide it into 1 each day. Mostly about my daily life, Wondaland, and my current hobbies.

How's life? I read my latest post about I got a dog named Kimmy and now I already have 2 more dogs. I got it from my dad's (cousin).. or not? I still have no idea, my family tree is confusing lol. These 2 dogs are male maltese breed. The name are Max and Mathew. People say we can't change the name because they will not obedient so I'm not changing it even I want to. These dogs are cute enough like dolls but if I can compare with my Kimmy, I prefer Kimmy because she is smartest. I can't handle stupid dogs (same as hoeman) but they are cute so that's okay.

After 2 months moving to the new house, 2 weeks ago (finally) my new house got a house-blessing from priest (? -- what's the english of pemberkatan rumah lol that's what I mean). It's a new experience for me because so many people is coming to my new house. My dad + mom's friends, sister's friends, but no one from my friends. Sometimes I was thinking, who is my friends? Am I have one? But I just realize I do not care about it. Currently I'm enjoying life to the fullest so who cares.

Btw I still have (some) old photos to share. My hair currently in purple & grey shade but in this pic still pinkish blonde. I took it at Toy's Kingdom, Grand Indonesia around 5 months ago. 

Choker - Lunar Cult
Top - Dollskill
T-Shirt - Unbranded
Skirt - American Apparel
Shoes - UP Shoes

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