Maybelline x Lazada !


Yuhu~! I got a superb present from Lazada! They give me Maybelline Wing it All kits and tons of Matte By You lipstick! I would like to say thank you very much as I have some interest on make-up nowadays and it's my chance to learn about beauty products!

Actually I got 3 eyeliners but 1 is on my sister's because she love it so much! My favorite is the yellow hyper sharp liner! I like it because it's thin and sharp enough to make a wing on your eye <3 

Among these 3 babies, I love their eye shadow. It have dense color fyi black is my favourite! How about the BB cushion? It's work very fine for me. I have sensitive skin, I use it once and I didn't get any indication of the irritation skin. I can wear the BB cushion on everyday works.

Last because it's a blast! I got 9 kind of lipstick Matte By You from Maybelline. It divided into 2 types : Rosy Matte and Vivid Matte. My favorite is Rosy Matte Salmon Pink and Vivid Matte Scarlet Red. Rosy Matte Salmon Pink is the best choice for your essential, because it's not 'too much' for everyday make-up and it's long lasting. I just do the re-touch one after I eat twice. Which means, your lips won't have any chance to go naked at all ;) The Vivid's Scarlet Red is another best choice for your essential too. (again) the red is not too much so I can use it without getting attention because of 'too red'.

Anyway, they held another competition with a VERY GOOD prizes = 2 full set of Maybelline Rosy Matte and Vivid Matte. How?
- Do selfie with your best friends! then write down your #RulesMatteByYou and #MaybellinexLazada
- Tag 2 your friend and ask them to join the competition too!
- 10 posts will get the prizes!
- The contest will be last until 2 October so you better hurry!!!

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