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I tried to make a post last month, it saved on draft with the title post of EXO new song. I just start to make a new post now haha. I know nobody ask me but I prefer Monster than Lucky One but somehow the head move part's on their dance video is so catchy! How's life? I really busy with my new things (sorry, I can't reveal it here even some of you know what it is). I love to make money (read: works), maybe I'm a bit weird: I hate do nothing, I can't go holiday for nothing, if I have to go somewhere, it must consist of works, so I will enjoy the holiday to the fullest. This is my way to release stress. I love to works. 

I got this bustier from GG, she gave me because she have 3 pieces of it (same model). It's too big for me, and it will be too big for her too because she is so smalll <3 Mask from Dollskill, I love to purchase mask nowadays, I'm not using it everyday but is kind of essential for me! The harness is adjustable and you can wear it as you like! You can model it like me or same as Dollskill's creation on their website. Everything will be perfect! I purchase some Demian Renucci sweater too and can't wait to reveal it here! My shoes are from YRU and I think I need to buy a new one (same Dream shoes in white) because it's started to worn out :(

Taken by Ardiasa Putra at my friend: Hendi Thamrin cribs!

Mask - Dollskill
Choker - Lunar Cult
Harness - Demian Renucci
Skirt - Zara
Shoes - YRU

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