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Do you know the feelings when you have a lot of works to do and then you've try to finish all of them one by one, then in the middle part, it's got mixed. In the end, you do what's not that important first. This is how this post made.  

Recently watching BTS on Running Man for 17 minutes, I can't get enough, they should have their own episode like Big Bang :( Anyway, this is my second post collaboration with UP Shoes. I choose this shoes because I have a matching socks. I love shoes with high heels and this is the highest one they have. I like this place (Wraps and Rolls Food 2 Go, Pantai Indah Kapuk) as they never ask you to leave lol. I can do a photo shoot without any harm! I tried their Ice Cream with Rainbow Cereal and I really loooove it! 

Caps - Loony
Stickers - Gelukig
Halter - Limaramo
Outerwear - Genesis
Shorts - Ksubi
Shoes - UP Shoes

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