300k views on blog! Yeay! It's a huge number, isn't? Basically this blog express my feelings towards fashion. I can't say it daily wear outfit for your inspiration because people in my country (Indonesia) is not that brave enough to wear these stuffs... I'm not bothered about how much people recognize me, how much money I got for doing blogs, etc. I just love doing blogs. I never promise you that blog is going to blablablah or I'm gonna post often blablablah but I want you guys know that I'm doing my best for this blog in my busy/hectic life! 

Today's post inspired by Tokyo Ghoul and Uzumaki. Tokyo Ghoul is one of many of Anime that I watched. I'm waiting for the next seasons like mad! Do you know when it would be release? I've watched Uzumaki the movie in my senior high school days. The one that I remember is.. I close my eyes, never know what kind of story is it, I only hear sounds, got annoyed and stuff, and its over. Check detail below where you can buy these head to toe look!

Mask - eBay
Top - Morph8ne
Windbreaker - Wondaland
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - YRU

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