I'm freaking in love with BTS's new song called Young Forever. I refrained myself to not speaking about lyrics because it would be another story. If you follow me on snapchat, you will notice that I buy a lot of BTS's stuffs like a crazy fans. I really do. I don't know when, why, what happen, but it come in a bling. I never in this 'fangirling' period after my senior high schools life ends. I'm a fan of BTS, not just one member, but everyone in BTS. I love Taehyung's voice, how to Jungkook's speaking (he have a weird tone), Hoseok's stupidity, Namjoon's ugliness, Suga's I don't give a fvck face, Jin's blonde hair (the new hair style is surprisingly super awesome), Jimin's abs eye smile. Okay, it will be a long story if I start to explain one by one lol. I'll stop here, and a bit spoiler, I'll do a photoshoot with 'fangirling' theme. It's so real in life, so why not to making this become a fashion post? It's not a shame to do a fangirling, right?

Anyway, speaking about fashion, it was a really hectic week, I prepared a lot of stuffs for Wondaland's second bazaar. It's at Kota Kasablanka, for Cleo Shop a Thon. As you know, Wondaland have a quirky style of fashion, so I'm not expecting much about the crowds. I just hoping we're not getting loss. The result? A secret haha! Joke, I'll tell you if you ask me personally ;)

Dress is a gift from GG, It's suits me well except the length, I think it's perfect for her, but yeah, I love this dress soo much! The belt is from Deandri, I know it shown a lot nowadays!
Belt - Deandri
 Black Dress - Label Cut
Stockings - H&M
Shoes - UP

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