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Super excited to announce that I do a collaboration wih UP shoes! I've been a fan of pretty shoes since years ago, and it's hard for me to find a pretty shoes here. I really support Indonesian brand that maintaining their image to build a pretty shoes. One of them is UP! 

About today's theme is... my real life nowadays. On my previous blog post, I mentioned that I love K-pop a lot (and now.. again?). I'll just having fun to enjoy this fangirling moment as long as I can! Like BTS's new song, we're Forever Young, aren't we? I collect all my albums for props. How many album do you see? Worth for shoes, right? I know but I just can't stop collect all of them. For some of you who currently collecting make up goodies, I just need enough make up and buying this for the rest of my life. I like to enjoying my life living in my bedroom, watching idols do stupid stuffs. Kshowonline everyday and .... spoiler for the next shoot? watching anime.

Ah, enjoy!

Taken at my new room in the new house. This room will be a Wondaland's HQ but still not ready yet so I just using it for photoshoot. Taken by my sister and all the outfits is from Wondaland. Use the code EARTHLING to get 10% off all babies. Check Wondaland's instagram too for fast update! Esp about the new arrival and future reduction <3 See you on the next post! I promise you it will be fast this time haha don't miss me because I'm enjoying my life.

Bracelet - Shophella
Choker - Devilish
T-shirt - Shophella
Skirts - Cocraparis
Socks - Uniqlo
Shoes - UP

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