Help! I don't trust my intuition esp for business (even I'm a perfect business student, once). I know how internationally works but in Indonesia is kinda problematic. Here, not the creative one, but the one who can adapt is the winner.  I'm living in the wrong part of the world. I don't know how can I survive in this environment, surrounded with people who didn't know that money is precious or efforts=money. Talking about money, I know Indonesia have a lot of rich citizen, it's just def hidden. They hidden too well. I won't mentioning the Panama issue because this is a fashion blog but I hope young people here can learn how their parents struggle before they become now.


I bought this dress a year ago and I just find it, hidden, in the dark of my wardrobe. Too many clothes that I really want to get rid off but I didn't know how so, do you have any information about garage sale in the near future? 

Taken by my sister in my new house, can't wait to moving in! It will be easier to taking a photo there and yes, Wondaland HQ will be there too, so stay tuned for any surprise! 

Loose Dress - AW Wardrobe
Shoes - YRU

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