Hi! I'm back after fangirling over BTS everyday! Today's blog title is current favorite BTS song after OUTRO : House of Cards. I don't know how to stop this 'BTS-disease'. It's just simply #noonafans period. I buy everything and really upset myself when I check the price of On Stage DVD, Now, Now2 on ebay. It cost a lot and I hate who sell those precious for their own (huge) benefit.

On my latest post, I talk about my jobs and I don't know how to explain but now I'm jobless again! It didn't go well because the company kinda 'weird'. I suppose to replace this one of the manager position but this person which resigned are telling me that I should be thinking twice about this job. The environment is.. I don't really bothered but the salary is not that I want. I have some expectation but this company can't afford it so I leave. I (urgently) need money to buy BTS stuffs shoes clothes because I've planned a holiday in the near future. 

Anyway, Wondaland is going well that I really want to tell you this Sunday, I'll snap a lot on snapchat! Everything about behind the scene of Wondaland's photoshoot. It would be sooo muchhh funnn! Please add the snapchat! ID : a.wondaland. See ya~!

sorry for awkward position

Crop Top - O-mighty
Tattoo Choker - H&M
Jogging Pants - O-mighty
Shoes - New Balance

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