After problems arise, another big problem is coming like a shadow. I don't have any solution to beat this problem. I'm struggle, but are they feels the same too? I'm not alone but I feel lonely. I feel like a stupid person if I longed this feelings alone so I decided to move on! Totally move on means I'm going to do whatever I think it's the correct path for me. As maybe some of you know, my daddy is SAP consultant, he always say SAP have a very bright future (means a lot of money slash income). Then every human needs money, you can't deny the facts. I decided to enjoy my life to the fullest even I have to work (with efforts). Which means? I choose to work (again)! 

Zalora is my number one option. I even ask my friend how the environment there and it seems really interesting. I applied the job on their website last week but still not getting a reply yet. I believe every small things happen in life is God's order so maybe I'm not belong to Zalora. Why? Because come on! This is me. Who doesn't need this super smart women lol. One day, I don't know what happen but SAP catch my attention. It's happen in a bling.

I have small interest with SAP because it's basically everyday works and you face that in real life. It's pure logical and doesn't have wrong answer, it's all about efficiency. I thought every experience in life is useful, so I decided to learn SAP. My daddy say to me that I need to love the jobs so you will do this happily ever after. That's why he ask me again but I'll give a shot! I learn SAP once on my senior high school but it's boring because they only give me a book and I have to read it. I don't know how to start and it's basically I'm still too young for it. 

I don't know if it's the correct path for me or not. I really confuse nowadays for what I have to do in life. I don't want regrets. It's March already and I feel like I do nothing even Wondaland is pretty good. I'm a busy person so when the store is closed down (hey, the webs still on fire!), I feel like I lost my jobs. It makes me feel small and useless. I will survive on this battle of searching the identity. 

Ps. I booked my e-ticket to Seoul next August. I will go to Korea for SURE. I don't care if I die on the war (South x North Korea) but hell yeah, I'm not afraid anymore because I've been dying once. 

Beret - New Look
Top - American Apparel
Dungaree - One Teaspoon
Belt - Deandri
Shoes - Les Artist

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