Sorry for the delay as I said on instagram, this post should be posted on Saturday but.. I lack of motivation to update it because my laptop is going to crush aka the hard disc is going to explode lol. 

How's your life? I'm not that good because I need something to make me always busy. On previous post, I said I will learn SAP if it's the only way to survive BUT I think God have another plan for me. I got a job! And tomorrow is my (hopefully) first day. I'm not gonna have some expectation and I hope it's going well.  

Anyway I made a collaboration with Deal Sale! Have you downloaded the apps? These are my final post 3/3 and hope you like it!

Brand: DealSale 
$100 Coupon - DealSale Website:             
70% off - IOS:  
70% off - Android:   

Choker - Lunar Cult, Wondaland
Bodysuit - DealSale
Skirt - American Apparell
Leg Garter - Depression, Sects Shop Singapore

Shoes - YRU

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