I'm still alive, I know I'm lack of time to fill this blog like I always do but I can't help my life's been so busy :( 

I was in Bali for a week with GG and LenaEvgeniiMurad. Its a second chance to meet GG and the first time to meet Lena. It's so funny when I saw how they communicate, google translate is the only way, and its just too cute to be true. Until I experience it: communicate with Lena, I don't know how this communication barrier can last long for 7 days. You need at least half an hour to settle everything, because we need google translate for every single purpose. This new experience really priceless even after the trip is over, I still remember how tired but fun in the same time being an amateur tour guide. 

We went to Monkey Forest, Lena got bitten by one of freaky monkey. We went to Bali Safari, taking a photos like a tourist. We went to Waterbom, play some huge slider (ok, I don't know the name lol) and it's fun! We ate Indonesian foods, I'm happy that they love Indonesian foods, nasi goreng, pie susu, even the black ketchup aka kecap bango. We go to clubs, and dance till midnight. Unfortunately, we can't go to Butterfly Garden, Waterfall, and play some water sport. It's raining seasons in Bali and I can't blame the weather situation. 

About my works for Wondaland, I do a photoshoot with them. I feel so lucky to have Gredy in Bali because he was on duty for Wedding Photoshoot. One bad thing happen is, it's raining hard at the end of the photoshoot so the last outfit didn't make me feel enthusiastic. But hey! It's GG and Lena, whatever happen, I believe they still can rock the outfit. Please wait for the result! 

Anyway, I know it's not that important to tell you here but I really like to see Lena and her boyfriend (Evgenii) together. Evgenii is so funny, he always joke even he can't speak english really well. Evgenii like a devoted Lena's photographer, manager, selfie-sticks, and boyfriend in the same time. It's been 5 years they are being together. They are too cute, can't handle their affection. Even when they are argue, I just laugh because it's so similar with my situation with bae. Bae feels the same too, I got so speechless because it's like yin and yang, when someone is too serious and not funny at all and the other one is a funny person and can't be in serious situation.

One thing that I realize after this trip finish, I'm not taking a single OOTD pictures for my blog/instagram! I'm enjoying those moment too much! Say bye to social media thingy haha so here's the only photos that I have in my phone :(

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