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Yes, I bleached my hair to pink! It supposed to be a dark grey and maroon, but I don't know what happen and it turns into pink. I didn't plan to bleach my hair now because I still waiting for Olaplex. I order it from Amazon but its been 2 months and it still not arrive yet. I'm a person who do a lot of preparation before doing anything. How is my hair color? Not bad, right? 

I got this supeeeer cute tennis skirt from bae, Asa. He got me this new one after buying me another one as a present. I don't know he can be this cute even though he is sooo noisy hahaha! He said he likes to buy me things that I can't but if, for example this brand American Apparel. Their website can't ship to Indonesia so it's very difficult to get it :( Then this shoes, I got it from Solestruck. I buy it because I need a comfortable shoes for everyday wear. Backpack from Blackbook, I bought it at Goods Dept. My previous backpack is dull. It's also from Blackbook. I think I become a one of loyal supporters for Blackbook ;)

I got this sweater from Dealsale. It's the smallest size available but still a bit bigger for me, but overall, I like it! I put all the details about Dealsale below so make sure you download this apps. It's a mobile application for shopping. It's from China and the price is not expensive, they also have some cute stuffs : this sweater is one of my favorite!

Brand: DealSale 

$100 Coupon - DealSale Website:  http://bit.ly/1kUUfTg             
70% off - IOS:  http://apple.co/21hz3Y6  
70% off - Android:  http://bit.ly/1kUUkqg   
Sweater Item Number: SV026523

Taken at Singapore Library in Orchard Gateaway. 

Choker - Wondaland
Bag - Blackbook
Top - Dealsale
Skirt - American Apparel
Socks - SOGO
Shoes - Les (Art)ists x Swear

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