Birthday, CNY, till Valentine!


Today's blog title seems I will make a long essay about it but then I realize I don't have much story to share. So, in short. My birthday, I just spent my time with bae, he told me that he alr invite some old friends of mine but nobody can give me a birthday surprise. It's not surprising at all! Just the best one is staying, the old one will gone~ I'm a bit sad because I (think) I don't have many friends to celebrate my birthday BUT in the end, Annissa and Ines make a birthday surprise for me at Bradleys! They give me birthday cakes and present too! Oh, and now I feel like I have some friends left haha. Anyway thanks for both of you and the gift too (including Charlene and Putri). 

About CNY, I'm chinese but I'm not celebrating it anymore. Just staying at home in the morning, then realize we're not celebrate my birthday dinner yesterday so we just going to Mall nearby. 

D-1 & Valentine day, I spent it on Hair Salon. I bleach my hair to pink. Actually, I want the maroon mix grey-ish but in the end, it's a shockingly pink! So.... let me enjoy the moment until it's faded away :( You can see my new hair on my instagram before I officially make an outfit post with that hair. 

Maybe you think I'm rich as I bought a lot of cute shoes but you're wrong. I got this shoes with super best deal! Not even 30$. Thanks to Dollskill who always be generous for sale items. I buy this Dew Sweater because it's so comfortable! It's very worth to buy because it's oversize with the cutest color combination. You can check Wondaland website and you will amaze with the price <3 

Tennis skirt is a gift from Asa, he got me this as 'souvenirs' from Paris. I'm loving it! If you're following me on instagram, you will know that I lost one of this tennis skirt (exact design). I don't know where and until now it's still missing! I told bae and he bought it again, ugh I cri. So happy!!! Thankyou, I'll treasure it more T^T

Taken by Ardiasa Putra at Iconic Kemang. Thanks bae!

Dew Sweater - Limaramo, Wondaland
Tennis Skirt - American Apparel
Leg Garter - Morph8ne, Wondaland 
Socks - Forever 21
Shoes - Current Mood, Dollskill

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