Fit In?


Find this caption on instagram and this is exactly what I feel....

Don't be sad if you do not get invited to events. You only think you want to go because it looks fun from photos. It really isn't. I don't get invited to things too but when I do, the first thought in my mind is "why" and I leave within an hour. Why did I feel the need to fit in? It is all fake. The genuine things to feel excited about are surrounding yourself with real people who care and love you. Not to show face at some superficial event. That is not what I am about and you shouldn't be bothered by it either. But of course if you do get invited to an event you want to go to, I fully support you to slut it upp!! Do your own thing. Make others want to fit into what you got going on. Be that mystery. BYE -- @creepyyeha

Good luck to you who really try to fit in because I was! But I gave up after 10 minutes, tired to be a fake person. I'm not belong to those kind of event (ya you know what I mean). So let's enjoy our 'own' moment, to the fullest.

I got this knitted halter from Dresslink. I know it's suit for the beach but I just can't hold this top any longer! Shirt from Pinx, I got it from latest Brightspot Market. They have detail on it (photo below)
"Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction" Carol Alt. This also exactly what I feel nowadays! So many people really make me speechless esp. the terrorist attack in Jakarta this week.

Anyway, taken by Ardiasa at IKEA Alam Sutra! Thanks bae.
Harness - Os Accessories
Halter - Dresslink
Shirt - Pinx
Shoes - YRU

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