How to be a Fashion Blogger (?)


Am I the one who deserves this topic? Am I a good fashion blogger? Nope. But, someone DM me on instagram & ask me to make one so I'll try to make this topic looks interesting.

I start to make a blog just because I love doing fashion. When you love something, you can do anything for it. If you are not, you just like it for a while, not really falling in love. I spent my money in fashion. I'm not a fancy eating, I prefer to eat at home. I'm not doing my nails, I just not that kind of person (even I'm trying to be the one, but no passion means zero result)

Why not beauty blogger or food blogger? I hate make up but I have to learn it for this fashion things, so when you ask me to become a beauty blogger, for now, I just smiled on it. Food blogger? I really a big eater so I enjoy every foods served, but for taking a photo and do reviews? I'll say everything is tasty because I pay. Right? I like to enjoy the foods, to the fullest. I was tried to be the one who takes pictures on foods but... I just failed (I hate doing a flatlays, ok). You can ask my bae how irritated me to take a picture of foods :( For now, I only interested in fashion and travelling. Who hates travelling? I think nobody would hate it. It's fascinating to know a different culture, language, foods, etc. 

What you have to do after you make up your mind and supeeer ready to become a fashion blogger? Camera? Blogspot knowledge? Friends? All of them. DSLR/pocket camera or even your phone's camera, is fine. It depends the quality but at least it's not blurred. Blogspot knowledge? You can learn it from the basic things, google it because you live in this era. Technology is everything. Friends? It's additional but when you have someone to support you, when you're down, this friend can help you to remember why you start it. Plus, she/he can help you to take an outfit picture lol. 

Tips for blogging, make a clear statement such as where you buy the clothes. It's not a secret for a fashion blogger to share this knowledge. Then don't forget to add some pictures. The more the merrier so the readers can see the detail. If you can't write a blog in english, do it in your mother language. It's fine. My english are not good either but at least I try. You can say I'm stupid or whatsover, but I believe my attitude is better than yours ;) 

The most important thing is don't ever start a blog for endorsement, you will broke. Society make you blind and social media is just a matter of 'it' times. When it's over, you're done. Who can predict Facebook will be this broke 4 years ago? No one. Who can predict Friendster bankrupt 7 years ago? No one. The question is, who can predict what Instagram doing in the next 2 years? Start it because you love it. No regrets at all. Do you agree wif me?

Any question? Drop me a comment here or if you are a shy-shy-cat person, DM me on instagram!

I got this top from CN Direct. They sell a lot of fashionable clothes and the price is surprisingly not that expensive. I paired this top with short skirt but actually this top is long enough to cover your thigh and you can pair it with leggings too! Leg Harness and Choker are from Wondaland and it will be available next week!

Choker - Wondaland
Top - CN Direct
Skirt - Morph8ne
Leg Harness - Wondaland
Stocking - H&M
Shoes - YRU

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