Dear Dolls, Don't Let Me Aged.



How's life? Been soooo busy with my works because we have some deadline for Christmas! Ah, you realize that my hair color changed? It's been a while since then and finally it's my first appearance on the blog. When everybody do a sexy pose with this hair color, I've choose to be as cute as it will be my last time to be cute like this. So, enjoy my IKEA moment! I remember that when I was child, I hate dolls, barbie stuff, etc. I'm not a normal kawaii daughter so let me enjoy this moment now~~

I got this dress from Dresslink 2 months ago but since I'm a bit perfectionist, I took an outfit post twice and failed :( So, here's the final result. I pair it with Uniqlo's Turtle Neck because it's so beach-kind-of-dress but I don't have time to go to the beach so I combine it to be a IKEA-able. Match with the dolls and my necklace from Youniq. Youniq will be available at Wondaland so stay tuned!

Necklace - Youniq
Turtle Neck Top - UNIQLO
Dress - Dresslink
Shoes - YRU

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