Say B-A-L-I!



After a fun holiday, I'm back! Writing a new post for this blog means I still aware to do an outfit photo shoot when I'm on holiday. 

Anyway, Bali is always fine for me. There's not too crowded like usual, I like the weather. In the first day, it's raining (a bit), but after, the sun got mad and just do it best to annoyed the rain lol. Overall, I'm missing the vibes and friends. I enjoy walking on the street, do a little shopping for sisters and mother. I can't handle hot weather so when everybody goes wild on the beach, I choose to sit inside the restaurant. Chilling, take a photo(sssss), and eat (yes, eating like a crazy dog).

About the place, actually I'm not a fan of modern art/interior. Potato Head is way to modern for me, so it's not that impressive. A thing that I remember is this colorful windows and they have power bank to charge your phone. I ordered the pizza and it's tasty! About the drinks, I'm not a drinker so for me it's just so-so (bae ordered some cocktail and you can imagine what happen next)

Taken at Potato Head, Bali. Until the next post! Still on Bali vibes~~~ See ya!

Sunglasses - Rayban, Paris
Kimono - Topshop, Grand Indonesia
Swimsuit - Nun Bangkok
Shorts - Art of Lila, Bali 
Sandals - Flippers, Seminyak Bali

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