As I told you before that I'm going to Bali for holiday, the plan is changed :( The flight is cancelled that day because Mt. Rinjani erupted. I change my flight to tomorrow so yeah, I'll be in Bali until Friday. I hope it can be a fun holiday.

Maybe some of you realize that the title of my today's post is from a Kpop new idol group, called Twice. I really love them, esp. Sana, Tzuyu, and Momo. I watched sixteen before and really have a high expectation of their debut. Watch their music video here! The song is addicted and easy to follow (Kpop-song-problem-lol). Andddd I have a matching body harness with Momo! I know it's their stylist works but I just so happy to see my idol wearing the same thing as I wore! I have some idea to make a How to wear as Kpop Idol session on Instagram, but I think it's not a good idea, huh? JYP nowadays become so cool as if GOT7 is doing well. Speaking of GOT7, please watch my Jackson because he is sooooo adorkable.

I've write down the outfit list below. I have so much clothes to sell at Carousell and will be updates soon. Stay tune! Taken at Grand Indonesia by Ines. Thanks baby!

Top - Forever21, Grand Indonesia
Skirt - Label Cut
Dress - KTZ, Bali
Leg Garter - Devil666ish, Wondaland
Shoes - Buffalo, Nasty Gal

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