Year Two


Hi! How's life? I've been busy updating Wondaland's website because I know you can't be patient anymore. I just though I'm a bit lazy nowadays because I have some friends to help me so... I regret. Sorry. Even I want to updates this blog on Monday but in the end, Tuesday, at this time, updated. Ugh.

12 October means a lot to me. 2 years of blogging! Omg! I can't believe it. I'm here! I don't know how to start my speech, but I thank everybody who supports me! 

I find peace in blogging. I can write anything I want. At least people judge me after they read. I meet virtual friends, some become my bae. I'm helping people to promote their brands even sometimes they treat you like a shit. No matter what happen, that's a blogger life. Once you nag, I think you have to re-think what's the point being a blogger. Not an easy task, huh? I'm complaining but it's normal. This is not a maybe life. You are doing this for a bigger achievement, right?


Going a bit girly today~ I tried this hair clip from Irresistible Me. They have awesome service that we can choose length & colors that you want. Even they have some kind of black. If the color is not right, they accept return and it's free of charge. How wonderful is it! I know it's not that cheap like ebay sells but I guess Irresistible Me have the best quality ever. I have wigs and other hair clips from another brands but Irresistible Me still be my number one.

Choker - Wondaland 
Turtle Neck - Uniqlo
Bag - Yesah
Shoes - YRU

Irresistible Me

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