I am.

I think it's started from elementary school. I remember, I went to math tutor after school. Every 3 days/weeks. In junior high school, I also have some English & math tutor. Then in senior high school, I added volley clubs and Japanese class every Saturday. I'm also a part of Student Organization. Oh, forgot to mention, I was part of Santa Ursula (Pos) from elementary school until I finish my senior high school. All girls school like you know, I raised to be a super women, since we don't have a man to trust of.

When I come to university, I'm joining a Student Board as Head of Art & Skill Division, then after a year, I'm a part of AIESEC (kind-of-student exchange program). As long as I remember, It was a good memories in my life : being a busy (mentally and physically) is suits me.

I can do works everyday. For example, in a month, without resting. I can abandoned everything if I have to, for works or better lifetime goals. I try to do nothing in a day, I regret it for days. Sometimes I was watching a Korean drama in a day and after I push my brain harder than before. It always become like that. Give and take. This is how I treat my brains. 

People sometimes ask me to get a life, but this is my life. I enjoy it. I'm more than happy and always be grateful of who I am today. Because of these reasons, sometimes I treat people like I treated myself. I have some expectation to met with my standards. That I believe, it's not normal for ordinary life. I can't force people to be like me. It's not appropriate for human right lol. I really understand this issue but why I always feeling anger, sad, or tired to deal with people who doesn't met my standards. They are not lazy, but it's their capability. When your standard is 99 and the other 80 is perfect. Bae told me to be a Buddha: "you will not punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger". Life is hard, right?

Taken by Ardiasa Putra at LOKA Flavor Bliss, Alam Sutra, Indonesia.
Choker - Betty Bones
Top - ANAP, Bali
Skirt - Adidas Originals x Pharell, Adidas Singapore
Fanny Pack - ANAP, Bali
Shoes (Qozmo Hi Alien) - Y.R.U, Dollskill

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