I See You In My Back


"You told me that dreams can come true, but you forgot to tell me that nightmares are dreams too"
-- Ciel Phantomhive

I got this see-through cardigan from Newdress. You can check this link to get the exact one that I wear. This cardigan is easy to wear and it's fashionable! You know, it's not easy to find some cardigan that fashionable enough when you want to wear it but it's to odd at the same time when it's only basic black cardigan. 

Pants from Nikicio is toooo long and big for me so I cut it down but I have to hold my pants somehow haha. Shoes from YRU, I know you're falling in love with this right? I got it from Dollskill. Choker is from Stiggyshop. I love the way they sell some basic choker with under market price so yeah, when you lost one, it's fine to get a new one. Stupid me to easily lost a thing and finally found it after buying a new one.

Anyway thanks to Ardiasa for helping me! Taken at Living World's Parking Lot.

Choker - Stiggyshop
Top - Forever 21, Grand Indonesia
Cardigan - Newdress
Pants - Nikicio
Shoes - YRU

IG : @stiggyshop
Line : @stiggyshop

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