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So I have a short story about feel a little regret to myself. One day, I got a message from a brand. It's a big brand actually, I help them once and they promise me to give something, called 'a thing'. Because of some reasons, 'a thing' was delayed and they will give it to me on November when it's arrived. Then after a while, they asked me if I can help them once again to post a product and the card. I said yes because I think it's one of my bae's company, they need me to be one of the influencers. Alright, I'm too kind huh? Nope. It's my decision. I'm fine with it, until not a long ago, they asked me again if I can help them to post something on my instagram.

Actually.... I'm not really interested because 'the thing' is not my style and I have to post twice. I can't choose the products too. In the end, I said yes because I thought they have a concept and I think I can do this far for my friends. The next day, I just figure out that the thing is totally different, my friend (also a blogger) got a different designs. I remember they told me that I can't choose because it's their concept, but why? This friend told me about her experience too. Once 'the thing' is not suit and she wants another thing, the brands accept to exchange it. My friend's size is awkward, so she didn't get the best size and asking for another model. In the end the brands said "oh, you can sell the products if it didn't suit you". Do you know what's the point of this statement? It's not about we can sell it later, it's about our taste. Please. Don't ruin our life. 

I was so frustrated. I have a weird feeling that I feel mad to this brand but I still have 2 posts for them. How could you react if you are in my position now? I have to post it, right? It's professional. But.... I wonder if they will asked me another request because I was too kind. I also notice that even it's my friend's company, it only means that the company become bigger, not my friends. I feel like a fool, do this for the company, not literally my friend. I learn from this experience. I was too kind. Lesson learned.

Ps. I never delete any advertisement on my instagram, even I was joining a giveaway & not a winner, I still put it on. Guess this will be my first post to be deleted after it posted.

About these pictures, it was a short collaboration with Bill. Ines and me are chosen to be his model for Happy Socks project. It's beneficially each other because I can shoot this skirt too. I got this from Newdress. They are too kind, they did't ask me to post it asap but hell yeah, I have the responsibility. Anyway, click the link and you can find anything in their website with super cheap price! I know your struggle because Romwe can't ship to Indonesia anymore so this is their big chance to get a movement to our country. I also post one of their gift here. I like all of them. 

Sweater - Bycatch, Widely Project Bandung
Skirt - Newdress
Leg Garter - Devil666ish, Wondaland
Socks - Happy Socks
Shoes - Buffalo

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