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Current addicted song is Girls Generation's You Think because I can imagine how they rock body harness and do some sexy parts, gosh, uri Sooyoung <3

Anyway, how's your day? These photos below is taken in front of Bershka at Central Park last Euphoria Project. I went there to buy Apparel After Dark's baby that I've been eyeing since it's released. About the event itself, I don't really like outdoor fest because I'm such a weak (weak : when your mood rely on your hair situation, you know what I mean?). The tenants is quite good, I can get a thing there. A thing means a lot for me. I tell you the truth, I prefer to do online shopping because I can't found anythings good there. One of my reason to build my own wonderland that consist of all ma favorite brands around the world because of 'this' matter. Beside, it make me easily to do a shopping too! Have you visited it? I think my blog is become more advertising media for my store >.<

When I saw my photos, I think I need to do a hair cut asap esp my bangs it's start to grow longer and longer. Bae told me to not cut them off and it makes me want to cut it more haha :(

New updates below! If you notice, I write the place where I buy stuffs since I know you are lazy to read my whole blog. I was thinking to edit my previous posts too but maybe it's not a good idea.... isn't it? 

I just realize that my style is something that should be horrible but I present it cutely. For example that choker is actually match when I wear something black and bold, but I think it will become so-so. I don't know why but I don't really like something usual in people's mind. I don't really care too if that normal people think that I'm not a stylish person because I'm not meet their expectation. There after, I got this skirt from Central, actually I've been eyeing Something Boudouir because I want to sell them in Wondaland but when I went to Central, I found it and...... actually buying them like a mad. I beyond happy that actually this brand are here. Check their Instagram because they are just too cute to be wasted. Please buy some when you're coming to Central because I already spent my penny there.. a lot. I even proposed this brands to my mom so she can buy some too for her upcoming reunion haha. 

Choker - OS Accessories, Lah Lah Land
Top - Nassgorju, Wondaland
Skirt - Something Boudouir, Central (Grand Indonesia)
Shoes - UNIF, Nastygal

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