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I was so tired but happy in the same time. I wrote this at night and continued in the morning, right now, and I'm in urge to write something on the blog and post this outfit asap (since I already post these photos at my instagram last week). As you know, my store is already open! It's been a WEEK! Yes, it's still young and I want to tell you a lot of things happen in the past 10 days. 

10 days. I really work hard that I think I only touch my games Brave Frontier, 10 minutes at night, then falling as slept because I was so tired. Here's something to tell you about my Wondaland. 
- I open this store before the Iconic Kemang soft launching, basically it's pure a 'trial opening' before all of tenants at Iconic Kemang is opened. Why do I have to open? Because I have responsibility: I carry a lot of brands and they need some sales, right?
- I am the only owner after a month ago then I ask my friends to help me and give them some offer to be my partner to build a better Wondaland. They are Annisa and Charlene. They are kind of my yin and yang. Annisa have a very bold, scary, dark aura and Charlene have a very pretty, colorful, bright aura. They accept my offer and ta-da! It happen. Wondaland have 3 brains now! 
- We choose GG (@plaaastic) to be part of our soft opening, did you met her yet? She is toooo cute that I will tell you later in the next post. 

I hope you guys pay a visit to my store and please tell me some advantage and disadvantage so I can know how to build a better environment there in the future! In the mean time, why you not helping me to 'like' Wondaland fanpage here.

Taken at Iconic Kemang, by Patrisca Amanda.
Body Harness - Devil666ish
Top - Uniqlo
Pants - Spotlight
Shoes - UNIF

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