Invitation Only


This outfit was taken before Brightspot Market. Do you go there? I choose Thursday because 'Invitation Only' situation but I guess it's sooo crowded enough to stated as 'Open For Public'. I took around afterwards I buy a shirt from Pinx and skirt from Argyle & Oxford. Will do an outfit post later. 

Dizzy is when you checked your latest post and just realize I wore this shoes lyk a million times :(. Actually it's not that comfortable and I don't know why I always wear this shoes. It's just pretty. These photos are taken in front of Bradley's British Tea House. 

Body Harness - Os Accessories, Lah Lah Land
Turtleneck - Uniqlo, Grand Indonesia
Bottom - Ugly, The Goods Dept
Socks - Forever 21, Grand Indonesia
Shoes - UNIF, Nastygal

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