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Like I said before at the previous post. I need some time to make a beautiful review or I called it hang out experience with this plastic girl called GG! I believe you already know this girl, she is famous for her creativity to post everything become so majestic. Spot her Instagram account here. Interesting enough? So I'll start my speech then lol.

Tell you the truth, I'm afraid in the first place to ask her to come to Jakarta, to visit my new born baby: Wondaland. We are strangers, I email her and was so happy when I got a reply. It's like a dream. You know, in Indonesia, people with 200k+ followers are a bit cocky or should I say, picky?. They started to give a wonderful rate and honestly, I can't afford that huge money. I start to use my brain, deeply. Then I have an idea to invite her when I read her Instagram about going bankrupt because of her Russia's trip. 

At the arrival gate, I wait with Charlene, together with nervous situation. She comes with smile and.... for us it's unexpectedly. Check her instagram, she NEVER smile. Why could she hide her smile perfectly? I spent my day with her for 4 days and 3 night, so can I share what I know about her for these short days? 

She can't handle hot weather, we have 2 days shoot for lookbook, outdoor. She's dying over the heat. She is start to smoking again after once stop to do it. Her usual cigarettes is Ice Blast Marlboro. She loves anything cute. Hello Kitty for example, or Rilakuma. I took her to AEON Mall and she loves to be there. Taking some ridiculous pictures. It's very different aura when you saw her at Instagram. She is vegan (more than vegetarian) and she love's all kind of melon + dragon fruits and coke zero. She watching all kind of TV shows such as American Next Top Model, Asian Next Top Model, Master Chef, etc. Her music taste, the one that I remember and I know is Lana Del Rey (it's my fault to not know any singers except Kpop idols). She can dance and her boyfriend is her dance partner. It's like in a love genre manga, right? And what's next? I remember something that she want to buried down. Something in the past, just because it's just ridiculous haha. I have it too! And it's the same matters as her. I can't tell you because just like her, I need to hide it well. She is a talk active when the day start to getting darker. At night, she just like a kid, her energy is in the maximum point, not like me. I think I'm getting old. She love to play DDR. I took her once to Timezone at Kelapa Gading Mall. She doing her DDR so well, too bad I can't play with her because I was so tired on that day :( Oh! She loves the supermarket. After Farmers Market, Food Hall, Lotte, Kem Chick that I bring her, the most favorite one is Food Hall at Grand Indonesia. Because they sell Vegan cake as a dessert at the supermarket and they have a lot of fruits in cut. 

OK. Stop it Val, I think you start the fan-girling over GG lol. These past few days I feel so alive, meet new people: the photographers and videographers. I feel so grateful because I have a lot of 'super' friends that want to help me to make a Lookbook shoot & video for Wondaland. I love you guys + girls so much! I owe Hans Marley, Angga Gadutism, Stefany, and Julyanti. Can't wait to see the result >.<

You can get this Dark Princess choker from Wondaland. Grab this fast because all the Devil666ish is going so fast! My bodysuit is from Forever 21. I got it from Pondok Indah Mall. Skirt is from UNIQLO, it's their new fall item, like a 90's school girl skirt. It's too big for me but because they didn't have size S left, so I bought it on M. 

Taken by Ines, thanks a lot!

Choker - Devil666ish
Bodysuit - Forever 21 x Rolling Stone
Skirt - UNIQLO
Socks - Lah Lah Land
Shoes - Buffalo

IG : @uniqloindonesia

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