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Whats up?! Do you miss me? Or nah? I'm working so hard to present you my Wondaland! I found a partner and I guess, one more for additional partner to make a Wondaland complete. Guess who? I know you already figure out on Wondaland instagram. About the title of today's post, it's something that my partners & I gossiping about pretty boys that interesting/charming/whatever and we found they are gay. Heartbroken and it's useless to searching a pretty boy here tho.

On last Saturday, I had a fun photo shoot with Carissa from Ivy Models. She can rocks all the outfits that will be available on Wondaland. I hope you can enjoy my team works because we really mean it.

Then, I have a super excited news! It's about who will coming to Wondaland's castle soft opening. Revealed sooo soon so I guess you can stalk Wondaland instagram for sure (because I don't have a plan to give you a clue at my instagram). 

Anyway, these photos was taken at Iconic Kemang, it's still under construction so they have a raw properties that you can't found at the other rooftop. I really love oversizzzzeeeed tee because it's really comfortable to wear every occasion. I mean, for works or meetings, it's still cool! It will be available at Wondaland (I know I'm the owner but I guess I'll be the return customer too hahaha). Anyway, I got my headband from Kpopsale. It's official YG stuffs. I wear it too when I was on latest Bigbang concert in Jakarta. It's sooooo fantastic that I couldn't take a proper photo because I jump, shake, and dance. The concert was too good and I hope they will come back soon!

The choker & necklace, it's from Stiggyshop. It's my current favorite accessories shop because they can offer similar things that other shop offers, but it's still the cheapest. Yin yang skirt from Cocraparis, never say no to any kind of yin yang, eh? You can find anything cool at Cocraparis instagram, but hey! they also will be available at Wondaland. I'm so happy to have a store that all the things inside is my favorite stuffs <3 Can you imagine to have one too? 

Choker - Stiggyshop
Necklace - Stiggyshop
Top - Fuxury
Skirt - Cocraparis
Shoes - Buffalo

IG : @kpopsale
Line : kpopsale

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