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I was interviewed by someone who doin a thesis about Fashion Blogger. 1 question that really stick in my head is "do you have an Indonesia fashion blogger who inspired you and your style?" unfortunately, the answer of this question is no. It's absolutely sad because I can mention a bunch of name of international fashion blogger who inspired me. When he ask why, maybe because Indonesian people it's still in the neutral mood (monochrome, vintage, or daily basis) & 'play safe' fashion. Sometimes I look to someone who are 'different', it's not what-the-hell-this-person-wear but I'm so happy to find one, and one, and become a lot! I hope it grows because they dare to be unique, not because they are just a few and finally change their mind and become majority. 

What I really look into fashion is something that make me excited. When you can find something unique. If I only can choose 1 of a lot majestic brands here, I love to pick KTZ. Even I can't afford that easily. It's expensive and it's hard to choose where you can buy 1 KTZ piece worth for 3-4 shoes. I still a person who have a business minded so I always calculate everything in mind to make it worth. If not, I'll not satisfied and will be a shame of waste of money. 

I got this hat after 3 times coming to the Central, Grand Indonesia. I admit I was so picky back then and can't refrain myself to buy after seen the 20% tag is hanged. I got the top from Bugis St, Singapore. It's a set with skirt on my previous post. Anyway, taken by my aniki at Dia.lo.gue Artspace, arigatou <3

Hat - Austere by 3 Handoko
Tattoo Choker - Wondaland
Top - Bugis, Singapore
Shorts - Fitlosophy
Sandals - Arizona White, Birkenstock

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