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Today's post is about mumbling. Something not usual that I really want to freak out. As a title, if you don't know the movie/comics/anime, just skipped it. It's not important. Believe me. 


So, I watched Attack on Titan yesterday, at Blitz Megaplex MOI. It the FIRST movie ever that I watched on the release date. I called myself a super fan, I buy all the comics, novels, watch the anime, even buying something not important at AEON Mall and I really have a high expectation for their latest movie. BUT, I can't say it's meet my expectation, my heart is crushing into pieces. Here is some tragedy that I have to tell you : 
1. There is no Levi but Shikishima really act like Levi. Levi is a person who WILL NOT abandoned their comrades, not like Shikishima who just watch their comrades die, eaten by Titans. 
2. Shikishima and Mikasa is a Lover and fvck, it's looks like Levi and Mikasa and I don't want to imagine what Eren do in the comics if it happen.....
3. There is a scene that a woman flirt Eren and say "do you want to be a father of my child?" and it become wild. I have a blank mind like why this fvckin 2 minutes is wasted for this kind of scene. Japan, as I know, when they don't need love scene, they WILL NOT add it. (I watched a lot of J-drama before like Team Medical Dragon, it have a medical theme and there is not a single scene for love scene or similar with Samurai X too). Oh, please.
4. The scene become so modern, the transportation is by cars, but in the manga/anime, they ride a horse and it become so cool. I hate to see cars in the plot of Attack on Titan.
5. How come Mikasa left Eren when she saw Eren injury. Mikasa in the comics WILL NOT doing this. Oh I'm crying. So disappointed. 

The ONLY good thing is the graphic of the Titan : Colosal & Eren, is so majestic. I love to see them in the future. 

Gosh, this is a fashion blog but the intro of today's post is about my crush lately. And yeah~~~~ Thanks to Aniki who taken these pictures of me!
Tattoo Choker - Wondaland
Top - AW Wardrobe
Skirt - Bugis Street, Singapore
Shoes - UNIF

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