A lot of things happen in my life and I don't know how to start to write down here. Maybe this is the longest days in my life am not updating my blog. This is (actually) a difficult situation for me. Why? Because I hate to abandoned the things that makes 'me' today. Second one is, I hate to finish a lot of things but can't focus at the same time.

I'm making money myself, which means I'm not working for anyone, I'm working with my own blood for my needs. And if you are a good readers, maybe you can calculate how much money I needs in a month to buy everything I wear, and it's (still) only for secondary needs. Primary needs such as eats etc, I really blessed my parents still support me but I know, I can't always depends on them. Daddy asked me about rather than work, why I am not continue my school, master degree is a cool things, right? Because I really have things to do now and can't tolerate others to steal my dream. I'm not a kind person for this. I called my dream, my own wonderland. Yesh, it's Wondaland.

I'm a niche market but sadly, I can't found niche things here, in Indonesia. In my dictionary, Dollskill is my favorite, I can find cute products and sometimes am afraid to open it because I know I will spent money there. Fvcked the $ rates here, it's getting expensive now. Nastygal is (sometimes) cute, I get buffalo, yru, unif.. that's it. Then after a while, I started to playing on etsy. I figure some handmade (cool) stuffs like garter, harness, etc. Lately, I ask my friends that runs a fashion brands, please make something like this, this, that, or not so basic, but what answer I got? "It's not easy to sell those things here" or "I tried before to make a quirky designs then later I make a monochrome, the monochrome is going well, so I don't have single thought to going back into a quirky one" or even harsh "oh, who buys those things? you? and who?" 

Well, they are not wrong. I'm the one who can't stand with those basic designs. So, I'll make one. But it's not a solution for strangers out there. Alright, I'll make one, curated, store and it's also available online, everything for niche market, you can find it there. I'll ask my friends outside Indonesia to help me. A lot of awesome brands there and I'll bring those here. So, in a very longggg introduction, could you be my supporters? I need some support or maybe you are interested to doing this with me? (well, it's likely I need more people to run Wondaland but I don't know who I should ask to join me, I'm not a picky person, I only needs people who can communicate with me and have same goals). 

So anyone? 

Why I write too much on my fashion blog? I'm wearing Dollskill's pants. I bought it a long time ago, I always wear this pants but this is the first appearance here. Slippers from Adidas x Jeremy Scott, I've been eyeing this at Solestruck, then finally got this when ma bae visiting Paris for works. So I got this from Adidas Paris. Then my clutch is from This comes in perfect size, my 2 phones + powerbank & wallets can fit well. Ouija necklace is from Stiggyshop. Ouija means spirit board.

Top - Topshop
Bottom - Dollskill
Bags -
Ouija Necklace - Stiggyshop
Slippers - Adidas x Jeremy Scott

IG :
Line : ribsco

IG : @stiggyshop
Line : @stiggyshop

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