I'm Declaring a War


I'm in a rush because I have to pack my belongings for tomorrow trip, so I'm not checking the grammar, sorry. Well, I'm joking about the title. Actually I just want to tell you about my story, it happen three days ago. One day, daddy whatsapp me about why I post something to revealed (and he miss understood about it for a business kind of endorse or something -- yes, I tell my dad everything so maybe he just have a negative mind about it). He disappointed. The truth is, on those photos are all my stuffs, I bought it, I wear it, and my sister/friends helping me to take a photo, and I just post it on my instagram. I never have any 'wah' occasion or be endorsed. 

The point is, okay (maybe), those photos that I post are too sexy for them or something but what I really frustrated is, he judged me, he even didn't ask first about what the reason behind those photos. He told me he knows from a friend so I'll call this person, a stalker. I believe it's not my friend nor cousins, because they didn't care as much as photos on instagram. It's nothing for them (and for me), but I can understand what 60's parents thought. 

Then I figure out another reason why daddy mad at me. Daddy said we are in the East so we have to know the rules here. The problem is, we are from the East but all pretty things on instagram, what influence me, or anything popular are from West. Even I love Japanese and Korean thingy, they have US as they role model. So is this matter is really my fault? Nope. It's no one fault. I called this Generation Gap. We can't ask parents to understand as much as we wish. So, should I change my behavior? It depends on how much I can defend myself. I'm a kind of person who really lazy to argue with parents because I know the basic. Basic = parents never wrong, they know everything, and we must obey them no matter what happen :( 

Mommy told me that one day, as a parent, you will understand the reason why they acts. I love my parents so basically I can obey them with this cause. But what I'm afraid of is, sometimes I hope they can understand our thought, will, hobbies, taste, etc and when its not happen, I can feel hopeless/despair & hoping for the time when I can get my true freedom, and I actually thinking of getting married lol, but the problem: with who.

So, again, short become long. Hahaha. Anyway, I'm going to Singapore tomorrow! Anyone in Singapore and wanna hang out with me? Please contact me through email at my instagram or if you know me so well, easily LINE/Whatsapp me! See ya~

I bought this KTZ snapback from a store in Bali (I forgot the name of the store, I guess it's on Legian). Then I got the T-shirt from my friend, he give me as a souvenir from Paris. Pants are from Topshop, I bought it at Grand Indonesia. It's on sale and become worthed (We're not buying a thing unless is worthed so basically it works on me too). Shoes, Buffalo are from Nastygal. I very lucky to get this because they (still) have my size and it's on sale -- not even 100$ yeay (the normal price is around 200$ haha).

Snapback - KTZ
Bags - This Is A Love Song
T-shirt - Comme des Garçons
Pants - Adidas x Topshop
Shoes - Buffalo

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