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How's life? How's the progress to pursue your dream? Is it going well? or, do you still find what's your goals in life? Think carefully but not too much! Because the scariest thing is the wasted time that you alr know it wasted. 

So on today's post, I don't know how to start, because a lot of things happen. Hm, start from the day that these photos are taken by my sister. These photos are submission for Topshop Kendal x Kyle celebration for their new collection launched on Topshop Indonesia. I ask Ines to accompany me because the rules told me so, so on last Saturday, I ask her then we had the photoshoot on Sunday. 

The result? yeshh, it's out. We're not chosen as the winner, but still, it's such a fun photoshoot. I can't say I didn't care about the result but always the basic is: I do this kind of competition because I lyk to be a gambler or challenger sounds polite. It's fun, since you don't know the result at the end, OR you have a feelings what the result is, but still you want to try because yeah, somehow it's naturally a habit for a gambler lol. I lyk the misery feelings or questions that come up on my head, it's incredibly... sick. I hate the nervousness because it's consume me, but I really learn a lot about/before/after every competition. I like the feelings to be a loser or the winner. You know, you have to fall before you climb. Afraid to fall? Enjoy your fvckin' stuck in your life. I hope a lot of fun competition arise and you are one of precious gem that I have to beat haha!

I got my top from Geisha Boutique, it's one of a lot of things I got from accompany my mom to ITC Mangga Dua. If you want this kind of top, just go around you will find a lot. Geisha Boutique is on 5th floor, I forgot the lot's number, try to google it. 

Thanks to my sis Patrisca Amanda and bae Ines.

Top - Geisha Boutique
Shorts - H&M
Hat - H&M
Tattoo Set (Choker/Bracelet/Rings) - Wondaland
Sandals - The Editors Market

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