Not a very new photos but I thought these looks are deserved to be here. The actual plan is, I took these photos for Kuningan City OOTD Competition, and ends only at my instagram. It's already over, and the result is, I've chosen as a third winner. 

Anyway, how are you my readers? I was busy caring for my baby, I mean Wondaland. Please kindly follow it instagram here. Last week, I just finished a Korean TV Show called Unpretty Rapstar. Basically it's a show about women who can raps. I stand for Jessi and I like how this show teach me something. Do you know the famous scene of Jessi, when she got mad because she had chosen as the worse rapper by member's vote? Her famous line is "We're not a team, this is a competition". 

At the end of this show, Jessi tears her up, she said Unpretty Rapstar is like a family. She regretted that she got mad and protest. But what I see is, if Jessi not doing like that before, maybe the other members wouldn't feel the tense of this show. Maybe the others wouldn't progress much as the show ends. And it's similar with life, sometimes, we can be an antagonist to change people, to be a trigger to make them become mature than now. 


I got this outerwear from my bloggers friends. It's a birthday present. Thanks bae(s) <3 <3 <3 Triple hearts for each of you. Skirt is from Stupkid, I bought it months ago, actually I found it on one of my bags and yes, I forgot that I have that wearing this see-through skirt for this photoshoot. 

Taken by my sister, Patrisca Amanda, thanks baby!

Outerwear - Monstore
Top - Topshop
Tattoo Choker - Shophella
Necklace - Zodiac Collection, Stupkid
Skirt - Brainless Collection, Stupkid
Shoes - YRU

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