Effortless VS Tryin too Hard


One day, I read comments on someone instagram, not to mention her name, but she wear something revealed (her body). For me, it's not a big deal, but I read a lot of harsh comments. Some comments that really catch my attention are : it's different from being effortless or trying too hard to be popular & you're changed.

The questions here,
- gosh, it's nothing, she only wear a crop tank top, go to my instagram and I want to know what's your comments about being to revealed.
- if she is really trying too hard to be popular, so what? Is that your problem? Maybe the impact of her 'trying too hard to be popular' is you know her now. You are the part of this impact. She is popular.
- people change, always. so why you asking like it's weird not common?

Somehow, it makes me sad to read some bad/harsh comments. It's different being harsh or just give an opinion. 

Taken by Aiiness in front of Maris Store.
Jumpsuit - Topshop
Sneakers - Adidas Adilette
Bucket Hats - AW Wardrobe
Choker - Shophella

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