Dominate the Darkness


I have a lot of bucket lists! One of them is taking a photo in the dark, it was accomplished! Yeayyy~! It's realllyyy tiring, since we try this like a hundred, but always, God know when the best will come. This lighting is from.... my car! Hahaha, too bad, I can't stand because the lighting won't reach me, so I just sit (beautifully), and my sis take these photos from different angles. 

Taken by beloved sister, Patrisca Amanda. About the outfit, since it's in the dark, maybe later I can show you the detail in different outfit photos. I'm not trying to be a Red Velvet's member but hey, they wear this crop jacket too at Ice Cream Cake music video~~~~ They styled it with only t-shirt and skirt unfortunately .

The KTZ itself, maybe you can't see it clearly, I got this from Bali. I asked my friend, Ines, to help me to get it. Thanks baby! 

Sportbra - This is a Love Song
Top - KTZ
Shoes - YRU
Outerwear - J. Valentine

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