I've been busy nowadays, caring for my creature, I called it Wondaland. As you know, I already publish it on my instagram and another social media (this blog is the last one :( ) 

In short, Wondaland is a quirky and cute concept store, I guess you will love Wondaland if you are a fan of them: @plaaastic / @joannakuchta / @aliencreature / etc etc. I have plan to open the store around July and now I just open a small booth at Iconic Pop Up Market, fx Sudirman. I hope you come visit to see whats around (and buy some, maybe?). AND, for you who came from another planet, don't worry! I'm working now so later you can reach Wondaland online. 

This is my last photo's stock :( I should take another shoot for this blog, I promise you this blog won't be abandoned, maybe just a bit slow for a new updates hahaha

Taken by my bae bae Aiiness. Thanks baby much love!
Bomber Jacket - Stupkid
Shoes - YRU

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