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This blog has been severely neglected since I really busy nowadays :( 

Anyway, yesterday's fantasy still clinging on my head. I win OOTD competition held by Senayan City (Fashion Nation). Really a pleasure and beyond happiness to get to know 4 coolest stylists in town. I learn a lot from them. The 'karet gelang' can be very useful, you can draw on face with lipstick, and you can pin anything easily to be more stylish. 

I'm happy to find a cute choker at Ruang Niskala. I bought two, together with pill choker on my previous post. Then this outer is a birthday gift from my friend, Agam. It comes a set with shorts and I really like it. Thanks <3

Anyway, for this look I spent almost 2 hours because mom nags me to not too reveal the body :( So this is the final result of my version lol. 

This photo is taken in front of Local Fest by my friend, Ines and Chris! Love you gurls! 

Crop Top - Bershka
Choker - Ruang Niskala
Skirt - ZARA
Bag - Blackbook
Outerwear - Agam Muharzan

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