Stuck, Not in The Traffic


Do you know that sometimes what people trying to show, is something that people want to get it. In a few post before, I wrote down a "chilin" words like a bunch, but the truth is, I didn't have a chance to enjoy that "lazy moment". 

Then when I read my post, (sometimes) I was correct the wrongbitch grammar that I made. I believe I already made a new mistakes now and will realize and fix it later on. Of course, after a few post hahaha! My English is so poor, I called it stuck, but not in the traffic, stuck because I'm not using it often..... I need people who can speak English with, and you know.. God give the answer. 

My new maid in the house, she can speak English well. Omg, she is on English major on her university. I can write a text message on English, she can understand well and reply it with English too. English is not about grammar haha, if I use it often, I can notice the right one easily (I guess?). Later on, I just need someone who can correct my poor grammar.

Anyway, thanks for Mrs. Susan, from Nila Anthony, I got this super cute sling bag! I love your products since last year but didnt have a chance to buy it, so how happy I am after I got one! Will be using this bag often, it simply can carry my phone and power bank.

Then this uber cool shoes that I got from SS Custom. You can design your dream shoes and make it real! How happy right? Go try to make on then~ 

Last but not real, I'm wearing Stupkid's dress, a simple velvet one with details on the button. I combine it with my baseball shirt and Youniq's necklace. Oh! maybe you want to join too? Check Stupkid's instagram because they hold a giveaway! Just tag them and put a hastag #stupkiddos, wait until you are chosen as the winner! Me one of the players, so let's become a winner, together~! (keep the faith hahaha)

Necklace - Youniq
Baseball Shirt - H&M
Sling Bag - Nila Anthony
Shoes - SS Custom

SS Custom
IG : @ss_custom
BBM : 7FB15865

Nila Anthony
IG : @nilaanthony_la
PH/WA : 081212807316
LINE : nila_anthony

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