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I'll make it short tho. I got this major uber cool hats from Lah Lah Land, KL. I know you want it too, but I won't let you get it haha! Then my top from Apparel After Dark. It's my birthday present from beloved bae(s) Putri & Cecil. The shorts itself, I got it from Nikicio, I bought it through their website (yes, not via line or whatsover because we're in 2015 now, let appreciate how useful website are! ;) ). And the outerwear, I got it from last Brightspot! Anyway, I spotted Good+ pop up store inside Central Department Store at Grand Indonesia. It's near Danjyo Hiyoji's area. I found it cool and I've been eyeing the Capital x Goods 's bucket hats...... *checking the pocket with teary eyes* hahaha. Until the next post, see you~!

Hat - Inch Child
Choker - Shophella
Top - Apparel After Dark
Outerwear - Blackbook x Goods Plus
Shorts - Nikicio
Shoes - UNIF

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