US$ get higher and higher! I can't spent money like before, likely to say... I become a wise shopper. Buy what I (really) need. Seriously. 

I've been eyeing some Y.R.U shoes... Ballet Bae until the new one with roses comes up.... I'm waiting till it have a 'sale' tag, but it never comes up! (maybe because it's new item). The wait is over when the sales price now is same with normal price before because US$ is getting crazzzzyyyy. So the conclusion is, I have to buy as soon as possible. Will spent my salary this month for these 2 shoes.

Anyway, are you guys coming to Pop Up Market last weekend? It's been crazy, super crowded but too bad, I can't find any good 'swag' stuff. I found a lot of printed tee, is it a trend? or super-fast-selling things?

Wearing This is a Love Song (almost) head to toe! Y.R.U save my life haha! Since $ get crazy, I shop at TIALS store trough their line (because their website is under maintenance that day). I spent a lot but literally happy with all the products! You better go check their stuff now because they have a big promotion on their website~ All item 50% off! Go go go!

Hat - Inch Child
Bralette -  This is a Love Song
Shoes - Y.R.U

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