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Last post before I go to KL this Thursday for a short escape~~~~  Anyway, this looks was taken by Ines in front of The Space, Metropolis Market. 

I just wanna share about my Valentine day, it's kinda beyond expectation. I mean, its totally sucks. Actually, I'm not a person who celebrate Valentine, because I'm too lazy to prepare something, but this year, I just wanna try to be a 'normal' girl who enjoy this moment. The result after tryin to be normal, I just failed. Perfectly. I'm in a rush in the morning of Val's day (I just hate Erha Clinic because some doctors reallllllyyyy slow to handle patient and another just too fast, so when you get the slow one, I called it unlucky). Then I go to Le Quartier for lunch but I can't help my mood. It ruined. After lunch I also have a plan to go watching Taeyang's concert when I know it's 50% off discount for the ticket but when I arrive, the eyes, nose, lips song just finished. I feel lyk everything beyond schedule.......... What I remember, I enjoy the meatball in front of Tennis Indoor Senayan haha!

Anyway, I have a lot of story to tell you but I can't talk much since I have works to do :( 

Top - Inch
Sweater - Eleven Paris
Skirt - Identite
Socks - Uniqlo
Sandals - Stupkid

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