Birthday's Flood


Hi! How's your day?

Jakarta's flood make me frustrated. No electricity, no signal, can't go anywhere. Surrounded by dirty water. How nasty this year's flood? Try to googled it :'). I thank God, the flood is not on my birth-day!

Anyway, I just uploaded my latest birthday party at Bradleys British Tea House. Thanks for coming guys! I had so much fun this year. You can check your photos at my photobucket's album. (Password : valeriesamantha)

Here's some photos, but I suggest you to check the album, it's a lot of photos ;).
Ps: Too bright for a KTZ, huh? I know! I can't help to wear this dress~~ 

 photo DSC_9039_zpsacz83gkd.jpg

 photo DSC_9159_zpsxbbingpr.jpg

 photo DSC_9036_zps84dly2cl.jpg

 photo DSC_9114_zpsjd3pubzz.jpg

 photo DSC_9109_zpsaha14dxx.jpg

 photo DSC_9087_zps5jt1txru.jpg

 photo DSC_9118_zpsqg5vmskr.jpg

 photo DSC_9188_zps53hf6bb0.jpg

 photo DSC_9186_zpsmx5crmrx.jpg

I'm not editing much, since I know you have your own style. Until next post! See ya~!

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