How's your day buddies? I have a lot of things to do nowadays. Even Saturday & Sunday is a work day! No more holiday~ But you know? I'm happy with these situation. I feel guilty if my days end useless. 

Anyway, did you guys join COTDINDO x OOTDINDO collaboration project? They held a big competition and you can easily join. As I remember, you only post your outfit with your phone case. Of course you have to check COTDINDO instagram to know the right theme ;)

I forgot to mention that I tried all the tattoo choker from online shop(s) and I find Shophella's is the best one. This is my personal opinion, since they have some 'hook' at it. Before I bought some at other online shop and it's break easily. Anyway, I bought this basic black leather jacket from Dollskill. They sell what I really want that day. My shorts are from Zara Grand Indonesia and top from Topshop Grand Indonesia. I like to shopping there because they have everything. H&M, Forever21, Topshop, Zara, Pull & Bear. Almost everything, right? 

Tattoo Choker + Bracelet - Shophella
Top - Topshop
Leather Jacket - Widow
Shorts - ZARA
Phone Case - Macstuff
Shoes - T.U.K

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