How's your day? Me not really good. I have some thought about works and careers. Lack of motivation and easily bad moods. Why? Maybe I need some evaluation/offers to motivate me more than current situation. My boss promises us (my work buddies & me) to do some evaluation this friday and I hope it going well.

I'm wearing roemah belanja sunglasses that I bought from Go Girl Expo's latest bazaar. I also wear my favorite Lunarcult's choker. I bought this furry top last year. I didn't have a chance to wear it since I'm kinda perfectionist. I mean, I need something 'real' over my imagination. It will be cool if I wear this fur top with white culottes. I've been eyeing this culottes from Shopdeca

Photograph by my sister, Patrisca at Ancol. Thanks baby.

Sunglasses - Roemah Belanja
Chocker - Lunarcult
Top - Inch
Bottom - Last Clothing
Sandals - Birkenstock

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