Me and my familiy will be on holiday from tomorrow until Januari 3rd! Too sudden of course since I just bought plane tickets + hotels last Saturday. It's just my family habit, it's hard for us to choose when and where are we going for holiday :(. So the luckiest place are *drumrollssssss* PENANG! If people ask me why 'Penang' ? Maybe nowadays I just heard Penang is a popular for photograph and healthiness. Will considering a medical check up for my parents and will be a favorite place for my sis + daddy since they like to take a 'real' photograph ;) (for me, I just wondering if the place have a good foods since I have a big appetite) 

Case sponsored by Macstuff 

Details, since the photographer didn't capture the right angle :(
Anyway, these photos are dedicating to OOTDINDO x COTDINDO collaboration project. Donned in H&M x Alexander Wang sport bra that I got from my friend, Ines. So the story behind it is, I can't queue like you guys since I have works to do and one day, this friend is save ma lifeee! She visit the store on the next day and I just got what I want! I didn't know the sizing so I just order it on XS and when I tried, it comes soooooo small that I really need to hold my breath. 

I also wore this pants from Pinx, I got it from Pasar Seni ITB. The Ludger's baseball shirt I got from Local Fest. I've been eyeing it for a while and I bought it on the last day of the bazaar. UNIF snapback from Dollskill. Until next week post! I'll be posting my new.... hair and traveling story ;)

Cap - UNIF
Sport Bra - H&M x Alexander Wang
Baseball Shirt - Ludger
Bottom - Pinx
Phone Case - Macstuff
Sandals - Birkenstock

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