December! and I have new revolutions for the next year! A lot of stuffs to do and a lot of new goals to make it happen. From business, works, until blogger's thingy. Wish me luck!

The reason why I bought the not-only-one Birkenstock, because I was eyeing a long time ago but didn't have a chance to buy it. One day, my friend of mine, called 'this friend' is throwing a birthday and I (force to ahahaha jk) to give a birthday gift. So I bought one Birkenstock with this color for this friend. Me? Yeah I bought it too, it's a gift from me to me ;). Same as my beanie, I bought one from this friend and one for me. Like a 'bonus' for the birthday gift hahaha. 

Anyway, these photos are taken by my blogger's friend Ines. I didn't have a plan to make an ootd shoots, but since she offers to take a picture of mine, so............... yeah. these are the results.

Tattoo Choker & Bracelet - Shophella
Beanie - Zara
Shorts - Forever21
Shirt - Xaola
Sandals - Birkenstock

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