Caution, Wet Floor!


Behave, or I can make you falling down. Like a wet floor. There is a sign, but I can easily move it and you won't realize until you fell. You have to be careful for your attitude. You are not young anymore, please be wise.


A collaboration project for OOTDINDO x COTDINDO.
taken by Aiiness

Hi guys! Today is my turn to make some blog post and instagram post about this collaboration. I have to post 4 looks in total with the phone case to complete the look. It's COTD (Case of The Day) idea to make a new trend. So if you guys want to be featured, you can easily tag and mention COTD on instagram.

Top - Adidas
Short - Pinx
Leather Jacket - ZARA
Shoes - Dr. Marteens
Phone Case - Baobao

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