Been really hectic this past few weeks. Nobody can help me to take a photo in the mean time, so I just wait till the opportunity comes itself. On Saturday, someone help me to took some pictures. Thanks to the only one 'superman' ;)

Anyway this is my second looks for OOTDINDO x COTDINDO collaboration projects! 

I got YRU shoes from Nastygal. I've been eyeing this shoes a long ago when Dollskill sell it. One day I checked Nastygal and it's on sale! I bought it without hesitation and yeah, it's fits perfectly. YRU really become one of my favorite shoes brand! Then I got this sweater from Cotton Ink. Skirt from 24 Hours, you can find it on Dollskill. 

In case you curious about the location, it's in front of The Wharf, Ancol Beach City. It's supeeeeer windy and it's hard to get a 'proper' expression since I really annoyed...............

Sweater - Cotton Ink
Skirt - 24 Hours
Phone Case - Adidas
Shoes - YRU

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